Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Re-entry is my term for the transition from some kind of respite from everyday life back to the usual routine. We had a wonderful 3-day weekend, great food, weather, and relaxation. We spent some lovely time reading, walking and talking in Mt. Hope Cemetery.

Zoe had to put on her newly-mended sweater (knit way back when as my first color-work project), because she gets chilly even in 70 degree weather now that she's had her summer haircut.

Now it's re-entry time..there's a job to go to, research to start, and oh, yes, a son to get graduated and ready for 6 weeks away from home, before he comes back and then really leaves, for college, in August. In truth, there's not much I have to do for that last work was all on the front end. These last few years have been mostly his doing, and I have just been trying to survive the rapidly changing role of being his mother. (It's myself that has to get ready for all these about re-entry!)

In other news, I am up to 10 (!) finished objects! Not five, but six, sofa pillows, finished 4 hours before the deadline. The two side ones have a knitted log-cabin front, the others were made following basic pillow directions from the book Last-Minute Fabric Gifts.

Two squares for the Hokie Knitting Project ...and one hat for Dulaan...

Expect a lull in FO's as the beautiful weather lures me to the garden in the spare moments when I'm not studying!

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