Friday, October 26, 2007

Small and sweet pleasures

It really doesn't take a lot to bring me pleasure. No mood-altering chemicals, windfall of money, or adrenaline rush needed...

Here's a non-inclusive list of tidbits from daily living to show you what I mean.

October Dahlia

A walk at Taughannock Falls State Park,

complete with dozens of these miniature cairns in the stream

An impromptu knitting-that-was-supposed-to-be-studying night, after visiting Village Yarn and Fiber Shop with T. I promptly got to work on the Curly Purly pumpkin and RocBike ear warmers.

Making apple pie filling (recipe from Mary Jane--see books sidebar) from apples picked at the aforementioned trip to Hurd Orchards.

Having T. meet me at the University of Rochester library when my class gets out after 9:30 p.m., so that I don't have to bike home by myself.

Walking with T. to Corn Hill Creamery, along the Genesee Riverway Trail, with a great view of the city of Rochester.

Having Marianne, of Marianne's Consignments at 792 South Clinton Avenue, open up even when she was technically closed, because I desperately needed a pair of boots I knew she had in there! (I needed them because my own, which had been in my 12-year-old unlocked car to be taken to have the heels repaired, had been STOLEN! But that is not small, sweet, or a pleasure, so let's move on).

A simultaneously perfect fall sunset to the west

and a full moon to the east



Tracy said...

I visited Taughannock Falls State Park for the first time this year. What a wonderful place. I saw the Sim Redmond Band in concert there. Somehow I have a hunch you'd like them, if you don't already.

Julie said...

I've heard of them but haven't had the chance to see them...will keep my eyes open for them...thanks!