Sunday, June 17, 2007

My definition of a family

Includes: one soulful cellist, one charismatic trumpet player, one soulmate. And today, at the aforementioned cellist's senior recital, I realized it includes much more.

My definition of a family also includes:

--a mom from Indiana who may not have a sense for classical music but knows what to do when there's cooking and cleaning to be done

--friends who left their families on Father's Day because they knew it was important for me to have some of "my people" around

--older, wiser friends who understand the bittersweet realities of being parent to a young adult

--family members from my kids' dad's side who greeted me with hugs and graciousness

--people who've helped me get through day to day life, as colleagues, as support people, and by taking care of my kids.

It's been quite the day, and I really wish I'd gotten pictures. DS and his step-brother played wonderfully--great musicianship, technical skill, and adept handling of the little things that didn't quite go right. I made some excellent and beautiful food. And I was so busy connecting with family that taking pictures was the last thing on my mind.

More big events to come as the week unfolds...

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