Sunday, November 4, 2007

(More) Small and Sweet Pleasures

Keeping up with the blog has made me much more aware of these moments of pleasure, and, since gratitude doesn't always come's important to take note when it does...

--going to the Rochester Public Market with DD (at HER insistence), where we talked to a local farmer with this charming sign

--the smell of basil from last week's harvest, finally turned into pesto and herbal vinegar

--the last fresh flowers of the season (I think!) to be put into Mary Barringer's vase

--an autumn that won't end (pictures taken in Mt. Hope Cemetery)

--with a dog that loves nothing more than rolling around in the leaves

1 comment:

mel said...

What beautiful fall pictures :) Your doggie make ME want to roll in the leaves too! I miss the foliage terribly here, but we do seem to be getting a little dose this week after all!