Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Less than 6 degrees of separation

Jason over at RocBike asked me a few days ago to write a guest essay.

I sent it to him, wondering if he might find it a little too much of a downer since it talks about some serious cycling accidents in my life.

Come to find out, Jason had actually witnessed and assisted in the most significant accident.

Read about it here and be sure to click on Jason's comment for the full story.

I should say I have known Jason in "real" (i.e. non-blog) life for several years now, as a local activist, radio host, and caregiver of one of my favorite young people.

But I didn't know him at the time of the accident, and we never put 2+2 together until the blog-o-sphere connection!

Jason does a great service to Rochester cyclists, especially commuters, and obviously he did a great thing for me and my family. Thanks, Jason!!

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