Monday, July 16, 2007

Reasons not to move away from Rochester

For several years, T. and I imagined the places we might move to after the kids left home, or at the least by retirement...they all happened to be in Massachusetts...first it was Northampton, then the Berkshires, then Cape Cod.

But as the time has gotten closer when we might actually be able to move, the prospect has gotten less and less appealing. So much so that we were just saying that we can't imagine moving from Rochester.

There are some great reasons for living in Rochester...go see what Rachael has to say about the art and culture scene, then come back here for more.

1. Lots of great fiber art and resources for fiber artists. I've visited at least half the stops on the Finger Lakes Fiber Tour and I highly recommend it.

2. Speaking of the Finger Lakes...the Finger Lakes National Forest is only two hours away. This incredible resource offers great hiking, biking, and secluded camping. We spent a week there this June, which included a beautiful sunset over the horizon and a full moon through the branches. And an incredible dinner, as always, at The Red Newt . They have the best Gewurtzraminner going!

3. We have wonderful natural resources right here in Rochester. The Genesee River, offering kayaking right downtown. The Erie Canal with miles of trails for walking, biking, skating, kayaking, boating.

Mt. Hope Cemetery full of history, and a peaceful sanctuary.

Highland Park designed by noted landscape designer Frederick Olmsted, where yesterday DD and I viewed a local production of Romeo and Juliet.

Just yesterday we discovered some new hiking trails in Victor.

4. We have found spiritual and political communities that feel right to us. Places like Springwater Center, Rochester Zen Center, Metro Justice, and our neighborhood, the South Wedge.

So there are a few reasons...I'll add more throughout the year.

What do YOU appreciate about Rochester, or wherever you happen to live?

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