Friday, October 19, 2007

Argyle (and other) updates

While I generally try to compose a somewhat coherent post, complete with relevant pictures, I am still feeling rather pathetic, and a list format is about all I can muster.

1. I lost a part of a tooth today. This is not good news. A crown and possible root canal, along with other unsavory-sounding dental procedures, may be required. This is also not good news for our unfinished porch, as the money allocated for the outside of the house may have to go to the inside of my mouth. At least they broke the news gently at the dentist's office...I think they feared, justifiably, a meltdown on my part.

2. In better news, I am working on some argyle-related patterns for Rocbike. First, some ear-warmers. However, as best I can figure out, the decreases would make a knitted-in argyle pattern pretty tough. So my newest idea is to knit them in a solid color (probably dark brown, the dominant color in the Rocbike argyle), then use duplicate stitch to add a diamond, argyle-ish pattern in the widest section. Knitters, what do you think? any other thoughts, suggestions?

3. I'm also working on a design for a felted cover for the deck of Jason's Packet Boat, his super-cool commuting/grocery shopping/kid-carrying bike. It will be argyle of course. I figure if it's felted it will be pretty rain resistant. I'm excited about getting to work on that, as well, and am positive I'll meet Jason's deadline of completing it within the next 50-60 years. Again, knitters, any general argyle-knitting suggestions? I've knit intarsia plenty of times, and I have a good article from Interweave, but I'd still love any tips from you more experienced argyle-knitters (hint, hint, Molly!)

4. According to Blogger help, there is no way for me to automatically reply to your comments individually. So whenever you post a comment, I will first go to your Blogger profile (if you have one) to see if I can get your email. Otherwise, unless you include your email address in your comment, I will respond to you in the comment thread for that post. Make sense?

Okay, I'm gonna go try to make my mouth feel a little better. Next post will be more coherent (and probably interesting!), I promise!

p.s. Oh, and I feel like all the cool kids are going to Rhinebeck this weekend. Wish I could go!

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