Monday, October 15, 2007

Break the Bottled Water Habit, Win a Prize and Cut Your Carbon

For Blog Action Day, a challenge to pledge to give up bottled water. To take the pledge, click on the button to the left.

Here's the information from the Carbon Conscious Consumer's ongoing challenge.

When you want pure, healthy drinking water, you should reach for bottled water, right? Surprisingly, on neither a personal nor a global level are you making a healthy choice.

For each gallon of water bottled, two gallons are wasted; producing the plastic wastes the energy equivalent of a quarter-bottle’s worth of oil. And what’s in the bottle could just be tap water.

This October we’re asking you to think about where the water in that bottle came from, and where the plastic is going…take the Carbon Conscious Consumer pledge and drink to a healthy ecosystem.

Each month from July to December, Carbon Conscious Consumer ( will highlight a new, simple way each individual can make an impact, plus show the difference each person makes both individually and along with the people they’ve influenced; prizes go to participants who influence the most new pledges.

During October, make a conscious choice to slake your thirst without drying up our planet’s resources. In addition to benefiting the environment, participants will have a chance to win a free condo for a week at a ski resort in Idaho. (Julie's note--although if you have to fly to Idaho, you'll significantly increase your carbon footprint!) Click the button at the left now to get started.

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mel said...

Excellent - Thanks for the site, I will definitely go pledge. I make a conscious effort to carry a water bottle with me - I have one at work to prevent going to the machine and we have several at home for hiking or when we plan to be out and about. I got caught without one this weekend though and was soooo thirsty. I need to do a little better about planning and thinking abouthow long we'll be out, or maybe just bring one or two regardless, so we'll always be prepared!!